The name 25. TIME is Norwegian for 25th hour. It describes the sensation one have during a day of too many tasks that should have been completed. It represents the needed extra hour these days. 

Instead of giving the extra hour, We will work on optimizing the way one focus their effort by digitalization. It will feel like having 25 hours a day.


Sharthan Simoons

I am the CEO

I am a freelance Psychologist and IT-Consultant for health services. For several years I have worked as a mediator and a family therapist. I have acquired skills in user experience by introducing digital media
into the health services sector.

​Member of Norwegian psychology association.

Castilnano Simoons

I am the Chief Designer

Award winning interaction and service designer with over 5 years of experience. Now working as a freelance designer.   I am also partner and Head of Design and Marketing for Bad Norwegian (making lifestyle products for men).


This project entailed collecting the most relevant information relating to visitation rights and assembled into a more understandable manner. I have worked on improved that manner of mediation by digitalize the meditation process. 

Samvæ generates more then 2000+ unique hits a month.

The work was presented during the Nordic family therapy congress in Finland 2014 with the topic “How to use digital media to enhance the clients own capabilities and decrease your workload”.


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